Whole-Home Hospitality, with a Captain, Chef, and Guide to allow you and yours to be your best.

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GuestHouse is for You and Yours

GuestHouse is a new, whole-house offering for teams and families to gather and create, together.


GuestHouse is designed so that you can enjoy your stay, be productive, or just relax, supported by great cooking, a ride to anywhere or a night in town with a local touch.

GuestHouse Range Rover

GuestHouse Guides are ready to whisk you away to the slopes or the beach in our luxury Range Rovers®, whenever you and your team need creative stimulation.


GuestHouse has been designed from the ground up to facilitate teams working, relaxing, and being together.


The whole is for you and yours.  So you can spend time being and doing together.


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Whole-house retreat for creatives

Screenwriters, creators, producers, corporates, and families can enjoy unencumbered hospitality with a chef, a driver, and guides to explore. 


Locations that have it all

GuestHouse is immersed in beauty.  Selected to be close to creative centers, in wondrous places where you can create, play, work, escape and discover.

Do the best work of your life

Infinite inspiration is at your fingertips.  At a place wholly dedicated to allowing you and yours to be together and focused.


Want to get involved?

GuestHouse allows you to own a home designed to be perfectly suited to families and companies.  GuestHouse Hospitality Corp. manages and delivers every aspect of providing best in class service.  You enjoy any appreciation on the property plus monthly payments.  And you can enjoy GuestHouse for as many as 4 weeks a year.



Maintaining Truckee Funk

Read the article in Tahoe Quarterly about the history of our first GuestHouse town, Truckee, CA, and its special “funk.” Written by our very own Trevor Cornwell.