GuestHouse is yours. As a member of the GuestHouse network, you will get exclusive access to book the homes as they are available. Only GuestHouse members may book at GuestHouse, but they may bring their guests with them during their stay.

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A Network of Homes

GuestHouse chooses its locations very carefully. Always within driving distance from major creative centers, we select towns with a distinct “funk” that allow you to recharge and re-engage. GuestHouse is currently developing its first property, GuestHouse [Truckee]. GuestHouse [Ojai] will follow in 2019.

Whole-Home Hospitality

Every GuestHouse stay comes with a host to ensure your stay is perfect, a chef to cater to your culinary taste, a driver and Range Rover® to take you anywhere, and guides to connect you to the local experience. The whole house is yours, and we are here to make your stay once-in-a-lifetime, everytime.



A Place to Create

GuestHouse is specifically designed with creators in-mind. From screenwriters, to startups, to podcasters, to nonprofits, everyone needs a place to convene, conspire, and create. Whether you need a place to let it all out and see what sticks, or break your writer’s block by hitting the trails, or search out inspiration through our guides’ connections to the local scene, GuestHouse is your home to do what you love, while staying near those those who love you.