“A house is a three dimensional answer to the question of how someone can be together with someone and something in something”

— Peter Sloterdijk


The way we work has changed

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More startups are launching.

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Video content has never been more omnipresent and influential.

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Distributed teams are co-working.



We need more inspiring places to create

To do the best that inside of each of us, we need places that will let us focus and let us create the best work of our lives.


Traditional hotels and are about them, not you

Traditional hotels are fine when you need a night in a city for a meeting the next day. But when you need to write a script, or build a new product, or reunite your family, GuestHouse is built for and around you. The comfort of a home combined with the service of a world class hotel, but personal and wholly yours.



Guesthouse is a new kind of creative hub


GuestHouse offers a new way to fuel your creativity

Coming together to do your best work is why GuestHouse was imagined. Undistracted and fully engaged is what you can expect. Designed from the ground up to allow you and your team to have the time and space to think and imagine and do. Guesthouse has the comforts of home and the service that you'd expect at your favorite getaway. Unobtrusive, empathetic service so that you can come away with new ideas born.